XV edition of the International Half Marathon of Pisa, October the 10th 2021

Meucci, Larosa et al. Registrations for the Pisa Half Marathon
Pisa Half Marathon (21K)
1400 bibs max.

The Pisa Half Marathon has a limit of 1400 bibs divided between the PRO (t-shirt and medal, 950 bibs max.) and BASIC (medal only, 450 bibs max.) options.

Both options have increasing fees based on the number of bibs available.

Free registrations for élite athletes.
PB over the past three years less than 1:06:00 for men and 1:16:00 for women.

Free registrations for athletes with disabilities.
Any accompanying persons are guaranteed the minimum fee (to be chosen between the PRO or BASIC option).

Bibs Fee Bibs Fee
1-140 25,00 € 1-70 18,00 €
141-280 29,00 € 71-140 20,00 €
281-420 33,00 € 141-210 22,00 €
421 in poi 35,00 € 211 in poi 25,00 €

Attention! There is no non-competitive Pisa Half Marathon.

Athletes at the start. Registrations to Pisa Ten
Pisa Ten (10K)
600 bibs max.

The competitive Pisa Ten has a limit of 250 bibs divided between the PRO (t-shirt and medal, 80 bibs max.) and BASIC (medal only, 170 bibs max.) options, both at increasing fees based on the number of bibs available.

Free registrations for élite athletes.
PB in the past three years below 30:00 for men and 35:00 for women.
Bibs Fee Bibs Fee
1-30 18,00 € 1-65 15,00 €
31-in poi 20,00 € 66-in poi 18,00 €

The non-competitive Pisa Ten has a limit of 350 bibs divided between the PRO (t-shirt and medal, 70 bibs max.) and BASIC (medal only, 280 bibs max.) options, both at increasing fees based on the number of bibs available.

Bibs Fee Bibs Fee
1-30 15,00 € 1-80 12,00 €
31-in poi 18,00 € 81-in poi 15,00 €


Do you have all the credentials to participate?

To participate in the Pisa Half Marathon or the competitive Pisa Ten you must be in compliance with the medical certification and membership.

To register for the non-competitive Pisa Ten, however, you don't need any particular requirement, if not a great desire to run and have fun.


Are you a group of friends who want to sign up together?

Groups of runners who are not part of a running club or who want to register on their own can do so directly on the site.

Just find a contact person who takes care of the simple procedure. And you save on commission costs!

Running Clubs

Are you the manager of a running group?

Running clubs, through their managers, can buy immediately a batch of bibs and distribute them at a second time to their members.

This way you can take advantage of the bibs with the lowest fees!

Cancellation due to COVID-19

In the event that the Pisa Half Marathon and Pisa Ten are canceled due to causes attributable to the health emergency by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), the transfer of registrations to the 2022 edition is free. To find out more, contact our support service.

Customer Care

Transfers from 2020 to 2021

Runners registered for the Pisa Half Marathon and Pisa Ten 2020 who have asked to move their registrations to the 2021 edition must confirm their choice by contacting the Registration Office via email. Moving 2020 to 2021 has no cost.



Payment completes and confirms registrations. You can pay by credit card or by direct bank transfer directly and safely on the website. Those who prefer can also pay with an ordinary bank transfer and send the receipt to the Registration Office via email; here are the extremes:

IT 10 X 08562 14003 000012492377
A.S.D. Leaning Tower Runners
PHM/PT 2021 - [Surname Name]
Banca di Pisa e Fornacette C.C. Credito Cooperativo SCPA
Via San Martino 10
56125 Pisa PI

Send receipt

Running Clubs

Running Clubs (e.g. Running Groups etc.), through their representatives (or appointees), can immediately purchase a batch of bibs (based on current availability) and assign them to their members at a later time. The bibs purchased can be assigned to members:

  1. by sending an email to the Registration Office, communicating the athletes' data;
  2. by providing the member with an appropriate purchase code that can be used on the website to complete a single registration (codes must be expressly requested at the time the Club purchases the bibs).



Groups of athletes who decide to register on their own for the Pisa Half Marathon or Pisa Ten can save on commission costs by sending a single cumulative registration. To take advantage of this offer just choose the Groups option on and follow the simple registration procedure. If you want to know more, contact our assistance service. Gruppi di atleti che decidono di iscriversi per proprio conto alla Pisa Half Marathon o alla Pisa Ten possono risparmiare sui costi di commissione inviando un'unica iscrizione cumulativa. Per approfittare di questa offerta basta sceglire l'opzione Gruppi su e seguire la semplice procedura d'iscrizione. Se vuoi saperne di più contatta il nostro servizio di assistenza.

Customer Care


To participate in the NON-competitive Pisa Ten you do not need any particular requirements. Of course, before embarking on a demanding activity such as running, it is always advisable to consult your doctor to check your health. Per partecipare alla Pisa Ten NON competitiva non serve nessun requisito particolare. Naturalmente, prima di intraprendere un'attività impegnativa come la corsa, si consiglia sempre di consultare il proprio medico curante per verificare il proprio stato di salute.

On the other hand, the following people can participate in the Pisa Half Marathon and the competitive Pisa Ten:

  • athletes registered with FIDAL affiliated companies (competitive and promotional categories) and those registered with foreign athletics federations affiliated with WA1;
  • Italian and foreign citizens (from 20 years onwards, thousandth of age), not registered with a company affiliated with FIDAL, or with a foreign athletics federation affiliated with WA, but in possession of Runcard2;
  • runners registered for an EPS (from 20 years onwards, thousandth of age) but only if they are also registered with FIDAL, through a Club or with RUNCARD EPS2.
  1. Members of Foreign Athletics Federations must deliver the appropriate WA self-certification.
  2. It is possible to request the Runcard directly on the FIDAL website:
    However, registration is subject to the possession of a valid medical certificate for competitive athletics, which must be compulsorily delivered, even digitally, at the same time as registration.
    The medical certificate for non-resident foreigners can be issued in one's own country, but the same tests required by Italian law must have been carried out (download the certificate in the French version or English version).
    Members with a Runcard / Runcard EPS card cannot benefit from cash prizes or similar cases (vouchers, bonuses, engagements), but are included in the official rankings.