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The race assistants of the Pisa Half Marathon.

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Pacers of the Pisa Half Marathon
Start of the Pisa Half Marathon
Your guardian angels

The Pacers of the Pisa Half Marathon

Pacers, or rather the race assistants of the Pisa Half Marathon. Find them and follow them. They will dictate your pace, they will give you courage, they will help you bring out the best in you. From the first meter, to the finish line!

Pacemakers are runners like all of us, with more race management experience and, above all, with the ability to maintain a constant running pace for the entire duration of the race. The pacers, armed with colored inflatable balloons attached to their t-shirts to be seen among the crowd at the start, will lead those who want to follow them to finish the race in a set time.

Once again the pacers of the Pisa Half Marathon will be the friends of the Regalami Un Sorriso ETS association.

The one that best suits you

Follow the colored balloon

As soon as you are on the grid, keep an eye on the pacers' balloons who will run at your pace.

Pace: 3':59"/K - Color: white
  • Fanani Michelangelo M
  • Gerard Vincent M
  • Castelli Andrea M
4':16"/K light blue
  • Cabras Gianluca M
  • De Filippo Salvatore M
  • Cimboli Simone M
  • Trentanovi Leonardo M
4':30"/K green
  • Cappello Alberto M
  • Chaplin Timothy M
  • Giuntoli Walter M
4':44"/K purple
  • De Chigi Lucio M
  • Di Ronza Michele M
  • Zugaj Marcin Marek M
  • Tognozzi Alessandro M
4':59"/K orange
  • Tocchini Massimo M
  • Bertini Paolo M
  • De Pace Michele M
  • Benvenuti Massimiliano M
5':13"/K yellow
  • Russo Simone M
  • Mannucci Marco M
  • Stumpo Raffaele M
  • Lo Vortico Giuseppe M
  • Buda Giuseppe M
  • Pazzelli Lorenzo M
5':27"/K red
  • Pasetto Roberto M
  • Chlistovskj Filippo M
  • Sozzi Nadia F
  • Nocera Emilio M
  • Fogacci Silvia F
5':41"/K pink
  • Nocera Antonio M
  • Ivone Gianluca M
  • Calamai Stefano M
  • Gazzini Vittorio M
  • Pippo Fausta F