Pisa Ten

II Pisa Ten, October the 11th 2020


The 10K of the Pisa Half Marathon
Competitive and non-competitive

A fast and smooth track, a journey through the historic center of the city of Pisa with a surprising arrival in Piazza dei Miracoli, in the shadow of the Lleaning Tower. Cross the finish line of your ten kilometers in a scenario unique in the world!

As well as the half marathon, the Pisa Ten also donates its entire proceeds to the Per Donare La Vita ONLUS association which with its activity promotes the culture of organ and tissue donation and, at the same time, supports the families of patients undergoing into transplant.


Full Rules


Competitive or non-competitive?

Are you looking for performance or fun? Here are some clues that could guide you in your choice.

Competitive ·
In one breath!

Recommended for those who love "speed" and want to improve themself

  • Race pack: shirt, medal, bracelet
  • Chip, rankings and prizes are expected
  • Medical certificate and IAAF/FIDAL/EPS membership is required
  • Fees of the competitive Pisa Ten will vary

Non-competitive ·
Without worries!

Recommended for those who want to run together and to have fun

  • No medical certificate or membership is required
  • The non-competitive Pisa Ten has a fixed rate of € 12,00
  • Race pack: shirt, medal, bracelet and chip!
  • No rankings and prizes

University students
Military and law enforcement

University students, law enforcement officers and the military can register for the non-competitive Pisa Ten at a cost of € 10,00. Always!

This promotion is always valid. To find out more, consult the Pisa Ten rules.