Rules of V-Run, 4-11 ottobre 2020
XIV Pisa Half Marathon

V-Run. Rules

The association Per Donare la Vita ONLUS in collaboration with the association Leaning Tower Runners ASD, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa , organizes, on the occasion of the “Città di Pisa” Half Marathon (hereinafter referred to as Pisa Half Marathon , see specific rules), the V-Run, the virtual race of the Pisa Half Marathon.

The V-Run is a non-competitive virtual running race and also a recreational march. It will take place on the days between 4-11 October 2020, over a distance of at least 10 km. The path is chosen by the individual participant; for distance measurement, the detection of any device equipped with GPS will be valid.

By registering for the race, the athlete declares to have read and fully accepted these rules.


Anyone can participate in the V-Run. No membership or medical eligibility is required. Nevertheless, before undertaking a sporting activity, even if not competitive, it is always good to seek advice from the family doctor.


Registration must take place online on this site (see: how to register) in time to complete the race, and implies full and tacit acceptance of this rules. The Organizer reserves the right to close the registrations at its sole discretion.

Competitors will be able to register and run anywhere in the world, without limitations, except for the following:

  • Competitors will be subject to the national or local rules applicable to them (by way of example and not limited to: age limits, limitations on freedom of movement, etc.), relieving the Organizer from any and all liability directly or indirectly connected to and/or resulting from the aforementioned limitations.

The contact details provided at the time of registration can be used to inform the participant about updates regarding the event. In particular, the address provided will be used to send the run packet of the initiative. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of the shipment in the event that the shipping address provided is incorrect or in an incorrect format.

Participants are responsible for the information and data provided/entered during registration.

The Organizer reserves the right to verify the information provided by the participant and, in particular, to request proof of age, identity and/or any other data provided during registration at any time and at its own discretion.

Registrations with incorrect e-mail addresses, the use of pseudonyms, or the insertion of incorrect information, may be deemed inadmissible and may result in disqualification.

Before proceeding with the registration, the user is advised to check the correct functioning of their GPS device.

2.1 Costs

It is possible to register by choosing one of the two available options: BASIC (medal only) and PRO (medal and race packet). Each option receives one or more subscription fees at increasing costs; each fee has a limited number of bibs available; when the limit is reached, it moves on to the next fee.

All the details on the options, the respective fees and the relative costs are available on the official website of the Pisa half Marathon (see: how to register).

All V-Run subscribers can ask for a personalized digital bib by sending a specific request to the email address at no additional cost. The bib, possibly personalized, will be sent via email to the applicant.

The contents of the race packet will be announced on the Pisa Half Marathon official website (see V-Run).

2.2 Fallback Option

Those enrolled in the half marathon or in the Pisa Ten who cannot be in Pisa on the day of the race can ask to run the V-Run. The medal and, if required by the respective registration, the race pack will be sent directly to your home.

In this case, any difference in cost in favor (net of shipping costs) will be recognized with a voucher to be used for registration in one of the initiatives (half marathon or Pisa Ten) of the next edition of the Pisa Half Marathon.

It will be possible to take advantage of this option by contacting the Organizer at the email address:

It will not be possible to use the fallback option if registrations for the V-Run are closed.

3 Route

Participants in the race will be able to decide independently to carry out their 10 km run in any location and type of route, individually, adopting and respecting the measures imposed by the National or Government authorities.

4 Acquisition criteria

All running or march/walking activities carried out between 4-11 October 2020, with a detected distance equal to or greater than 10,000 m, will be considered valid upon acquisition.

For the purpose of the acquisition, each user must send the proof of the activity performed to the email address (eg GPS track, screenshot etc. .) no later than the deadline for October the 18th 2020.

5 Standings

The standings will be published on the official website of the Pisa Half Marathon, as well as on the Organizer's social media. By registering for the race, the participant authorizes the aforementioned publications.

Given the non-competitive nature of the run, the standings will be sorted by surname/name of the participants. The following minimum data will be reported for each participant: the distance traveled and the time taken.

6 Prizes

The V-Run does not include any prizes.

7 Shipping

All the finisher will receive at home, at the address specified in the registration, the medal and the race packet (if required by the registration). Shipments will start from October the 26th 2020. Shipping costs are already included in the registration fee.

8 Complaints

Given the non-competitive nature of the race, no complaints of any kind will be accepted. Any reports, suggestions, analyzes can be carried out at the e-mail address:

9 Changes

The Organizer reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or extend the race without any liability for loss or damage to participants and/or third parties, in the event that factors capable of compromising the smooth running of the race occur.

10 For major cause

By registering for the V-Run, the participant exempts the Organizer from responsibility for any delays or failures in the execution of the race in the event of Major Cause Events. For these purposes, Major Cause Events means an event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer or, by way of example but not limited to: natural disasters, government restrictions, epidemics, strikes, problems with the functioning of public infrastructures or private, problems with the functioning of the official website of the Pisa Half Marathon (and related e-mail services) due to acts or facts attributable to third party service providers.

11 Privacy

The personal data collected will be processed in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and protection of the privacy and rights of all participants in the race. The treatment will take place by means of automated archiving in the computer system of the Pisa Half Marathon and its service providers.

The provision of personal data is mandatory in order to participate in the race. The date and time, the route chosen independently by the participant, will be published at the end of the event on the official website of the Pisa Half Marathon.

Any failure or incorrect communication required will result in the inability to participate in the V-Run.

The information acquired, if not strictly related to the nature of the race, will be treated in compliance with the legislation on privacy and will not be disclosed to third parties, except for the request from the judicial authority, the Guardia di Finanza or other authorized public body.

The legal system (articles 12 and 22 of the GDPR) recognizes a series of rights including, by way of example, the right to obtain the updating, correction or integration of data as well as their cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the their block if treated in violation of the law. For any communication it is possible to write via e-mail to or, by registered mail, to:

Pisa Half Marathon
Via Buonarroti 2, 56127 San Giuliano T. PI
Italia (Italy)

Final warnings

For anything not covered by these rules, the local or national rules applicable to individual competitors are valid.

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