XIV Pisa Half Marathon, 4-11 October 2020


The Virtual Run of the Pisa Half Marathon

If on October the 11th 2020 you can't be in Pisa to run the Pisa Half Marathon or the Pisa Ten you can still choose not to miss the appointment with the medal by running the V-Run.


The first step is to sign up for the V-Run. Secure one of the 300 bibs and choose whether to have only the medal or also the technical garment of the Pisa Half Marathon. You can also ask for a personalized digital bib!


Run at least 10K on a route at your leisure anytime between 4-11 ottobre 2020 and then send us, no later than October the 18th 2020, the GPS track (App screenshot) to the following email address:


Starting fromOctober the 26th 2020 we will send the medal and, if you have chosen it, the technical garment of the Pisa Half Marathon directly to your home. Wear them and send us a nice photo for the PHM2020 album!
In the package you will also find a small surprise.

Race packet

Race packet 2020
Choose what to receive!

All participants will find the commemorative medal in "bronze" style upon arrival.

And the shirt? To also receive the technical t-shirt of the Pisa Half Marathon it is necessary to choose the appropriate registration option.

V-Run come opzione di ripiego

Already registered for the Pisa Half Marathon?

If on October the 11th 2020 you can't be in Pisa, then the V-Run can be the right solution to not miss the appointment with the medal.

If you are already registered for the half marathon or the Pisa Ten you can ask to run the V-Run and receive the medal and the race package directly at your home (if received by the registration). Any price difference in your favor will be recognized with a bonus that can be used to register for one of the next editions of the Pisa Half Marathon.

Customer care

What's this?

The V-Run is a non-competitive race: you can run or walk.

There are no prizes; the official ranking will be sorted according to the names of the participants.


Running the V-Run does not require any membership or competitive eligibility*.

It will be enough to run (or walk) on a route of your choice for at least 10 km.

What will i get?

All those who run (or walk) at least 10 Km will receive at home:

  • the same medal as those who will run the Pisa Ten;
  • the technical garment (if foreseen in the registration);
  • a voucher to use to register for the next Pisa Half Marathon!

*Before undertaking a sporting activity, even if not competitive, it is always good to seek advice from the family doctor.